The J.O.A.D. Program

Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) is a program of USA Archery that teaches archery to young people, provides great opportunities for awarding achievement, and helps archers to enjoy the sport recreationally or progress to the excitement of competition! JOAD programs like our Saturday Public sessions offers archers the opportunity to learn range safety and proper shooting technique in an environment that also fosters focus, increased self-confidence, and team building skills. We teach the fundamentals of proper shooting form and as the archer develops, they will learn more advanced techniques.

What does a JOAD Membership do for me?

A JOAD membership is open to any youth archer aged 8 to 20. Membership allows you to participate in the JOAD Pin Achievement Program (see info below) and also gives you the opportunity to participate in USA Archery sanctioned JOAD tournaments.


Both recurve and compound bows are used in club activities and in tournaments. JOAD archers who use a compound bow can train to compete in local and regional tournaments, and can earn a seat on a youth world team to compete in other countries representing the United States on behalf of USA Archery. Recurve archers can compete likewise, with the added benefit of being able to use their recurve bow to try out for a spot on the US Olympic Archery team which is selected and managed by USA Archery.

JOAD Pin Achievement Program

A JOAD Membership also allows you to participate in the Pin Achievement Program. JOAD Star Pins are awarded for scoring achievements. JOAD archers can earn Stars Pins for shooting indoors and/or outdoors with recurve and/or compound bows. Each Star Pin is a different color, and each has a successive number of stars on it to represent the increasing challenge in earning that particular award pin. In order to allow the greatest flexibility in terms of indoors/outdoors, recurve or compound, each pin can be earned in a variety of ways.

In addition to Star Pins, JOAD archers can earn the official "6-Gold" pin when they shoot six 10's in a row, either in a single 6 arrow end, or in two consecutive 3-arrow ends. JOAD Archers can earn advanced levels of recognition with the Olympian Award Levels - Bronze, Silver and Gold. An archer reaching these levels is honored with special recognition from USA Archery.

JOAD Mail-In Tournaments

Traditionally one of the most fun and least expensive tournaments of the year, the JOAD Mail-In Tournament Series, offers new and experienced youth and adult archers the opportunity to participate in a national competition without ever leaving their home archery range, and at a very low cost. Students in JOAD programs are encouraged to participate. Archers may also combine to enter a team score for a small additional fee, and join the exciting team competition. This tournament runs year-round.

Through these events, archers of all ages and experience levels are able to experience the fun and excitement of a national tournament, see where they would rank in a national competition, and learn valuable team building and goal-setting skills. All registration fees received from the JOAD Mail-In Tournament Series will be donated to USA Archery to be used for the support of JOAD Programs nationwide. For more information on this program talk to any of the JOAD coaches or go to the USA Archery website.

JOAD membership is not a membership in the Conejo Valley Archers Club Inc., and does not allow for any gate access with a key. Saturday Public Sessions fees are still required to use the range to support equipment and range maintenance costs unless you are a CVA member.


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