Dear CVA Members,

The CVA Board of Directors is very pleased to be able to announce the reopening of the range to CVA MEMBERS ONLY as of Saturday May 23. 

CVA passed our initial inspection on Thursday 5/21, and with final paperwork filed and placement of required sanitary items completed, we are now allowed to reopen.

A COVID-19 Risk Assessment, Prevention Plan and Guidance Documentation are all posted at the Field Range Bulletin Board in the Volunteer Sign In pocket. Do NOT remove these documents from the area.  Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the details in the documents when you visit the range.  CVA Members have also been supplied this information via email.

Things NOT changing at this time:

  • We will not yet be open to the public or guests at this time. CVA's Public Session is still CLOSED.
  • No group meetings, including monthly General Club Meetings.  A Members email will be sent by the Board notifying when General Meetings will resume.
  • No Access from the Park / Main Gate Entrance - Tournament Range Parking ONLY - Walk in access to the Field and 3D Ranges ONLY.
  • No vehicles on the Tournament, Field, and 3D ranges except AUTHORIZED maintenance vehicles.
  • No dogs on the range.

Things that ARE changing:

  • Masks / face coverings are recommended on the range.
  • 6-foot distancing at all times everywhere on all range areas - especially during scoring.
  • We can shoot!

What IS happening:

  • The Monthly Club Shoot is ON! Targets will be set on Saturday for scored shooting on Sunday.  As parking will be at the Tournament Range, scorecards will be placed on a picnic table there Sunday morning.  It is suggested that the Field Range be shot starting at Target 15 through 28, then back from Target 1 and finishing at Target 14 near the 3D Range.
  • The Quiver Newsletter will go out in a modified COVID-19 format.
  • Range Maintenance - on going and incredibly important - the mustard is out in force!

What IS NOT happening:

  • There is no General Meeting this month - we will decide monthly on status. A Membership email will be sent with details when General Meetings will resume.
  • No Public Session - There will be adjustments on how we run these sessions. Discussions are underway to determine what will change and when we will implement alterations to the program. The Public Session will remain closed until after the Park reopens. We will notify the public via Face Book when the program is again offered.

Please bring to the range when you come:

  • Your own personal mask or face covering.
  • Your own personal hand sanitizer.
  • Common courtesy for all - please remember that many of your fellow Club Members are considered high risk.
  • Water, sunscreen, hat, etc. - this opening weekend is slated for extreme heat.

When you get to the Range:

  • Read ALL posted materials.
  • Do not share equipment unless from same household.
  • Utilize sanitation items on any hard surface high touchpoint areas such as padlocks, handles to portable toilets or bins.

If you have questions please reach out to a CVA Board Member, Kurt Hoberg or Bonnie Marshall.

CVA Board of Directors