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Hello 2017 WPFG Archer,

The Conejo Valley Archers would like to welcome you to our range. We are located in the beautiful Santa Monica Mountain Range in the middle of the canyons in Simi Valley, CA. We would like to give you some information for your time attending the World Police and Fire Games.

CVA Range Location

Our range is located at 4650 Tapo Canyon Road, Simi Valley, CA 91320

Friday August 11th Shooting Location Details

When arriving for the first day of events on Friday, you will be entering our range at the east entrance, from Bennet Road, off of Tapo Canyon Road, 3.6 miles from the Tapo Canyon exit from Hwy 118. The 900 target round will be held on CVA's tournament range at this location. Click here for a map to the CVA Touranment Range.

Saturday August 12th and 13th Shooting Location Details

On Saturday and Sunday you will enter the west end of the range from Tapo Canyon another .4 miles past the Bennett Road entrance. You will enter the Tapo Canyon Park entrance and follow the signs into our range area. Both the Field and 3D rounds will be held from this location. Click here for a map to the CVA Field / 3D range.

Registration and Other Information

Registration check in will start at 7:30 am for all events. After showing your registration credentials, you will be required to sign a waiver for our range and then go through an equipment check. Please check this chart to verify you have the right equipment for your style.

There will be a small Opening Ceremony before the first day of shooting commences on Friday August 11th. We hope that all athletes will be able to attend the ceremony and enjoy being a spectator for this day of target shooting.

Shooting groups will be assigned for both the Field and 3D events. Groups will be cross-agency per WPFG rules.

Food and drinks will be served each day at the three venues. Breakfast burritos, breads, coffee and cold drinks will be available for purchase in the mornings. A lunch and various snacks will also be served daily. There will be water stops and food sales in the back canyon also during the Field and 3D events.


The weather can be ever changing in the canyon but our mantra is “If it’s hot, it’s hotter, if it’s cold, it’s colder, and if it’s windy, it’s windier in the canyon”. We are a rustic range.

During the 900 Round on the Tournament Range we will have seating for the archers and there will be multiple easy-ups for shade during the 900 Round on the Tournament Range. There will be a few easy-ups for shade on the Field and 3D Ranges.


Awards will be presented at end of each day’s shooting.

Helpful Links

World Police and Fire Games

World Police and Fire Games, Archery

World Police and Fire Games, Archery Rules

Rattlesnake Safety Information

Q&A about Shooting Styles

Bow and Equipment Styles Infographic

Recurve – shot off of the rest. A Recurve is a takedown bow.

All Traditional Shooters must shoot wood arrows

Stringwalking – both three fingers under touching the nock and three fingers under not touching the nock are allowed. The archer can shoot either way each arrow.


CVA is honored to host the 2017 World Police and Fire Games and hope that you enjoy our range and events that we have worked so hard to present.

See you on the range!

Conejo Valley Archers